Matthew Menza for Colorado

Republican Candidate for Senate District 17

If elected, Matt will ensure that the intent of our governmental and institutional systems adheres to the essence of our founding principles: the right you have to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Matt will Empower you by protecting your freedom of choice to live your life as you see fit.

Matt will Empower you by proactively engaging with our community so you are able to seek liberty within your life without fear.

Matt will Empower you by taking action in the capitol to repair the broken systems that hinder our community’s ability to thrive & to pursue happiness.

About Matt Menza

Matt defended our freedom and liberties overseas. Matt will work to defend our freedom and liberties once again at the Colorado state capitol.






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  • Awarded the Air Medal and Meritorious Service Medal, and campaign medals for leadership and aerial combat experience.
  • Combat mission commander qualified to plan and lead combat missions off of aircraft carriers.
  • Managed and led a $250,000,000 flight test program and a large team of over 100 civilian engineers, contractors, and military officers at various sites throughout the country.
  • Conducted and led Department of Defense-level briefings to Admirals and Generals on technical and security topics.
  • Top Secret Security Clearance and security manager of classified information.
  • Flight Instructor for military and civilian students.
  • Speaker at various aviation, safety, and test forums in front of major company CEOs and thousands of other attendees.
  • Airline Transport Pilot rated to carry you and your family from point A to point B.
  • Father of 5 young children, the true test of patient leadership.  


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  • Commissioned by the Navy and attended flight school after graduating from CU Boulder.
  • Served 20 years as a Navy pilot and Navy test pilot.

  • Served in multiple combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Started flying EA-6B ”Prowler” to include 400 carrier landings; after test pilot school, I worked in a very technical field as a test pilot flying FA-18E, F, and EA-18G aircraft.

  • Since retiring from the Navy, I have worked as a corporate test pilot, defense contractor pilot, airline pilot, engineer, and small start-up business owner.


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  • Graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Received a Masters in Systems Engineering from the Navy Post Graduate School.
  • Engineering achievements include:
    • Attended test pilot school, lead experimental test pilot on EA-18G, electronic warfare development & other DOD tactical aircraft hardware SME, commercial aviation engineering test pilot, and software development.


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  • Father to five amazing children who all enjoy living in Colorado.

Campaign Mission Brief

Coloradans embody the spirit of the West, from our individualism, care for the environment, and to our sense of discovery and curiosity. This is why many families choose to live in this wonderful state.

However, it has become clear that many of our state government and institutional systems have deteriorated, impacting the quality of life in SD17.

Matt is running to be your next SD17 representative because he offers balanced solutions to important issues our community is facing.

Balanced Solutions Engineered for Empowerment

Ensure our state government protects small businesses from the effects of COVID-19

Matt would like financial resources allocated to our local economy while ensuring that small businesses are not over-regulated to the detriment of the long-term health & Empowerment of our community.

Increase teachers’ salaries to improve our education system

Matt would like existing money directed, without raising taxes, to vital resources teachers and students need to feel Empowered & supported, instead of funding costly administrative tasks.

Strengthen our mental health system by restoring funding & resources defunded by both parties

This is not the time to cut funding to any mental health programs. Many members of our community are feeling their Empowerment diminish due to the lack of support from our systems because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Audit RTD to determine why SD17 taxpayers did not receive the public transportation system they voted for

It is simply unacceptable that RTD took our hard-earned taxpayer dollars and promised a light rail between Boulder and Longmont over 10 years ago, and did not deliver what SD17 voted for. If elected, Matt will investigate why this occurred and advocate that either the lite rail be built using existing funds or that your money is returned to you.

Launch the ‘Energy Race’ for new & innovative environmental technology

Analogous to the Space Race of the 1950s and 1960s that landed Americans on the moon, Colorado should spearhead an environmental initiative that transforms and evolves how Americans consume and use energy.

Expanding and evolving the potentials of technologies that truly have the potential to revolutionize America’s energy needs can build upon Colorado’s reputation as being the leader in environmental technology advancement.

Cultivate a spirit of scientific and technological innovation and advancement in SD17

Matt encourages our rich STEM community to use this knowledge to advance initiatives in our communities that can benefit all residents. From STEM volunteer resources in our schools to encouraging STEM-related small businesses to move to Colorado, Matt believes this is how our science and technology community can continue to flourish and expand their presence in SD17.

“Man is not the enemy of man but through the medium of a false system of government… instead of seeking to reform the individual, the wisdom of a nation should apply itself to reform the system.” — Thomas Paine

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My heartfelt promise to Coloradans living in SD17

As I campaign, I promise to listen to all Coloradans living in SD17.

I promise that everyone will understand my ultimate focus and objective is doing what’s right for you and your family, and not for some institution, committee, or special interest.

With over 143,000 citizens in SD17, I know we can work to make this part of Northern Colorado better, safer, and healthier through Empowerment, balance, and trust. Your Empowerment, not anybody else’s power, is most essential.

Spread the word, donate to my campaign, and urge your friends and family out to vote in November.

Thank you for taking the time to read my promise and I appreciate you visiting my website.